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Who We Are

Get to know our awesome team.

CLIQVUE MEDIA GROUP is made up of a team of industry professionals with backgrounds that span multiple aspects of television, film and radio. We are a unique breed of content creators poised to lead the next wave into a new form of entertaining, branded content.


Courtney LeMarco

CEO/Executive Producer

Michael Jobes

COO/Executive Producer

Jeanette Newbold

Chief Financial Officer

Amy Clark

Chief Technology Officer

Taylor Jobes

VP Sales & Marketing

Don Page

VP of Audio Production

Orion Iacovelli

Production Coordinator

Erik Bernard


What We Do

From conceptualization to delivery. We've got it all under one roof.



We develop and create entertaining, original branded television content that appeals to a worldwide and captive audience.



All of our original content is produced in-house giving our team complete creative and technical control throughout the entire process.



Our partnerships with Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and iTunes allows your branded content to be seen and distributed on the most popular platforms available.

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Please get in touch with us for additional information on branded content development and distribution.